Friday, November 1, 2019

Sustainable Food Business Sector Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 3000 words

Sustainable Food Business Sector - Essay Example This paper illustrates that the sustainable foods are produced in the best possible ways and are traded within the ethical norms without causing any harmful impact on the society or the environment The food products that are termed as sustainable are produced and traded in such a fashion that it contributes towards the sustainable livelihoods as well as the local economies, enhances protection towards animals and plants and also takes into consideration the welfare of wild as well as farmed species, it also takes into account all possible measures so as not to cause any damage to the natural resources and contribute positively towards the climate, and provide various kinds of social benefits such as good food quality, educational opportunities and healthy and safe products. With the rise of a globalized economy, there has also been an increase in demand toward the food sector. The companies in the sustainable food sector need to meet the demand that is created in the consumer market being aligned with the environmental policies and norms and also with the sustainability agenda. There are many companies in this sector but one of the most renowned companies who has set its mark on the sustainable food sector is Kraft Food Group. Kraft Food is a grocery manufacturing company in America. The group is also into processing conglomerate. The company has its headquarters in Chicago. The company was incorporated in the year 2012 after there was a demerger that took place and the name of the original company was changed to Mondelez International. This company is now used for distributing the confectionary and snacks brand of Kraft Food. On the contrary, the Krafts food group is totally focused on the North American market and deals with grocery products. The company in the present scenario is known for its sustainability measures that it incorporates in all its products so as to offer the healthiest products to its consumers and also safeguards the environment by utilizi ng all forms of renewable energy resources.

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