Thursday, January 23, 2020

How To Build Your Own Computer :: Process Essays

Before you start you will need to check if u need all of your pieces together and parts. Then you need to check if you have the right size case for your mother board. The find a bare floor to work on its the best place. Then download latest drivers for your pc so you cannot have headahces later on. Now you are ready to install your motherboard. Lay your case on it's side for installing the motherboard. If your case has a removable motherboard plate then take it out to install the motherboard on it. Match up the motherboard mounting hole with the case or plate. Now use the standoffs and install them to the case or plate where the holes lined up. Then use the screws and screw the motherboard down to the standoffs. Some case use plastic standoffs. These usually have pointed ends you push up through the back of the motherboard and then slide the flat head into the case or plate. Make sure that the motherboard is not touching the case or plate on the back of the motherboard. Now install the plate if your case came with the removable one. Make sure your motherboard is tight but not too tight as to cause it to crack.Next connect the power to the motherboard. If you have an AT motherboard it will use 2 large 6 wire plugs. The black wires have to be together in the middle or you will fry your motherboard and believe me it has happened a lot. They will be hard to install but they will fit just keep trying. The problem is the little tabs placed on 1 side of them. If you have a ATX motherboard then you will have 1 large 20 wire plug. It is made so it can only be installed the right way. If you have a cpu that needs the extra 12 volt hooked to the motherboard then you will need to install it also. It looks different from the other connectors and will install only the right way. You must decide if you want a desktop or tower or one of the new small cases. You will want to allow for expandability unless you are building a small form case. Make sure you get a case that will fit the space where you plan to put it. Make sure the case has at least one intake fan or a place to install one in the front.

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