Friday, February 28, 2020

Argument by Authority Example Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words

Argument by Authority Example - Essay Example If one smokes Camel cigarettes, he does not qualify to become a professional doctor automatically neither does he live or reason like the doctors. Where disputes arise among experts about a subject, then it happens to be fallacious to make an application to authority using the disputing experts. Many people who follow the messages of advertisements with argue that prestigious persons cannot go wrong. The intention of the message is already delivered, which is to create awareness and make one believe in the message. It is vital to note that not all advertisements by prominent people or celebrities will lead to fallacy. Some of the inference they are applying are to be followed, not with certainty but probability (Baronett 2008). In accurate appeal to authority, there are reasons that are believed that claims made by renowned experts are always true. This is because; people who are genuine experts are always taken to be right all the time than being wrong, whenever they are making claims in their areas of specialization. The radio recording that was sponsored by Camel would only be reasonable if the experts thought the claim was reasonable. It is, therefore, reasonable to accept it hence listeners accepting claims on testimony of the expert (Gensler 2002). Fallacy as a form of advertisement makes people like a product depending on the people the products are associated by the products. It is significant to identify if the person used is an expert in that field or not. One might be an expert in only one area of specialization and not all. We are, therefore, supposed to follow genuine adverts intended for the excellent purpose and not for the good of the

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