Wednesday, February 12, 2020

Case Study 1 Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

1 - Case Study Example 2. In order to fulfil the above mentioned mission for Kaiser, its operational strategy to reach a sustainable competitive advantage should be based on the notion of quick response (flexible or responsive). As noted, this is not-for-profit health maintenance organization serving 8.1 million people. The number is just high so it is imperative for the organization to adopt a flexible operational strategy which can allow it to quickly respond to the needs of different people it serves. This will help to show its total commitment to the cause of providing health care services to the people with special needs in the communities it operates in. The goal of the organization is to uplift the welfare of different people in the communities in which it operates. Therefore, it is imperative for the organization to implement strategies that are meant to ensure that the targeted people get the services they may require as when they may require them. This will help to create trust between the organization and the targeted people such that they will look no further than it for any service related to health care they may require. What is only important in this case is to offer satisfactory services to the targeted people so that they can come back again for the same services. When an organization is not operating for profit like Kaiser, then it should appeal to the interests of the targeted people so that they can develop positive identity with it. Goods and service design: Kaiser ought to define the goods and services it offers to the targeted people in different areas it operates. For instance, it should make it clear that it is not for profit organization and it offers freely health care related services to different people who belong to less privileged groups. It also ought to make it clear that it is committed to train other people so that they can also play a part in uplifting the welfare of the people in different communities. Quality: quality is a virtue in as far as

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