Sunday, July 28, 2019

Assessment of Creativity Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words

Assessment of Creativity - Essay Example This kind of research is done in controlled conditions, where there are some certain kinds of instructions given are the same (Kaufman & et al. 2004). There are many kinds of tasks given to test creativity. These include mathematical problems, puzzles, poem writing and story writing. The disadvantage with this kind of test is that it cannot be done to already existing innovations. It only exists in a controlled environment. It is very disadvantageous as creativity cannot be limited to a vacuum (Kaufman & et al. 2004). The Mathematical Creativity Problem Solving Ability Test is a test developed to identify those who are mathematically gifted (Kim & Ahn 2003). The ability to provide new solutions using already existing knowledge of concepts involves thinking methods and principles. There are four stages involved in creative math problem solving. This includes identification of the problem, the formation of a plan to solve the problem, execution of the plan and analysis of how well the problem was solved (Kim & Ahn 2003). The test consists of two parts. The first part is open-ended, where there are various accepted answers. The second part is closed and there is only one correct answer. This type of test beneficial does not completely limit the thinking of an individual. A mathematics creativity test should provide both convergent and divergent thinking. It should not completely limit one to a wrong or right answer. There should also be factors that promote the formation of creativity. An environment where all the factors favorable for habit formation are favorable, various other tasks should be integrated into the test not only the ability to provide the answer. Things such as an understanding of the problem and articulation of the solution should be

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