Wednesday, July 24, 2019

The Company Novartis Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

The Company Novartis - Essay Example Therefore, Novartis is famous for the Central Nervous System Segment. Instead of concentrating the attention mostly on medicines, which can be sold in large markets, Novartis’ experts are analyzing rare illnesses with the purpose of using the findings also for common diseases. For instance, Novartis created medicine to treat auto-inflammatory disorder that can be met with patients very seldom, however it was proved that this medicine can be also successfully applied to treat a very widespread form of arthritis. So, the company’s method is oriented on satisfying the needs of many patients with different diseases at once. International factor The Central Nervous System Segment of the Company is popular in 140 countries. For a good brand development, it is not enough to make an innovation but also to use the world-accepted resources, make trials on the global level. The Central Nervous System Segment of Novartis gains a new experience through successful cooperation with in ternational partners who also have a strong desire to make innovations and investigations of new drugs invented to treat patients all over the world (Novartis Global at The company Novartis also created a special Biocamp – a place where students and young scientists from all the countries of the world can meet and share their knowledge. Such meetings are very useful for innovative developments in this sector in particular (Home 46). Political factors Every international business presupposes systematic evaluation of different risks connected with political environment of different countries. Each country has its own political system, its own rules and its own strategy. Politics and economics are closely connected and the uncertain reforms affect the activity of the international companies much. Political environment changes always influence the company’s activity, so Novartis needs to adjust to these changes and make good forecasts to avoid difficulti es and losses (Novartis Global at In the face of global political changes, the Central Nervous System Segment of Novartis is focused on different relevant issues and aspects of their current activities, which can often exceed the limits of their direct activities. Social factors The main goal of Central Nervous System Segment of is to develop medical innovations for a total eradication of nervous diseases among people all over the world. Thus, the activity of the organization is very important for the society. Novartis create new healthcare products aiming at finding the solutions to the unsolved issues in modern medicine. The main goal is to gain the trust of the patients and consumers. Thus business should be reliable and principled. Joseph Jimenez, Chief Executive Officer, Novartis said: â€Å"We apply our expertise in science and innovation to society’s biggest health challenges. We take our role in improving health seriously and focus on areas where w e can lead and make a significant impact.† The company understands that people want it to find solutions to the most difficult problems in modern medicine. To improve this segment and all other aspects of their activities, people should take into account the needs for the company satisfies the needs of more the 1 billion people every year but the world has 7 billion and all of them need medicines (Novartis Globa

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