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Book of mark, matthew, luke and john Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Book of mark, matthew, luke and john - Essay Example The narrative exposition employed in the gospel of Mark began the tradition of the gospel(Burridge 2005). The Gospel of Matthew writes to a Jewish Christian audience and is predominantly concerned with portraying Jesus as a teacher who is greater than Moses (Brown 1997). The Gospel of Luke attempts to answer the question of whether Christians whose allegiance is the Kingdom of God able to stay loyal to the Roman Empire? The book of John is an exception that views the Messiah as a ‘Stranger from Heaven’ and is often called the spiritual gospel (Burridge 2005). This paper thus intends to explain the different targeted audiences of the four gospels and the messages they proclaim to the readers. The gospel of Mark was written by John Mark who dwelt in Jerusalem as revealed in the book of Acts 12:12(Burridge 2005). It was initially written in a bilingual set up that involved the Greek and the Aramaic languages. The author was influenced to write by the young Christian generation, also known as the Christians of the second generation or the young man(Burridge2005). John Mark wrote this book and addressed it to the Gentiles and the Roman leaders in Rome or probably in Syria or Decapolis. During this time, the Gentiles were young and new to the Christian faith. They knew very little of Christianity and the death of Jesus to save mankind. At the same time, there was an ongoing persecution by the ruling class on Christians and those who proclaimed the message of the Gospel. Many Christians were killed and forced to denounce their loyalty to God. Mark therefore wrote this book to encourage and harden the Christians at that time in their worship and proclaiming of God’s Kingdom(Burridge 2005). In the book, Mark reveals Jesus as a suffering servant of God who is ironically powerful. He reveals to the Romans and the Gentiles that Jesus taught with authority as asserted by the mighty miracles he

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