Monday, October 28, 2019

Summarise Risks of Assessment Essay Example for Free

Summarise Risks of Assessment Essay There are many different risks that you need to take into account when you are planning assessments. When dealing with anything that involves two separate parties there are many issues that could arise which could affect the intended outcome. When training students there are risks that surround the level of commitment that the student has to the course they are doing. If they are not enthusiastic about what they are learning, due to them potentially being forced into the learning environment could affect their level of work. This could then affect the whole assessment process. If the learner has no interest in the subject that they are learning then they may not keep their work up to date or attend their study days. To minimise the risk of that happening a clear and detailed explanation of the course and the expectations of the learner throughout the course period should be given to the learner when they sign up. Students that are not committed to learning are also a risk that could affect the whole assessment procedure. If a student does not want to commit to the learning process the chances of getting work in on time and study days attended is minimal. This will then affect the whole assessment process and risk the learner not having the correct units in on time and falling behind with their work. There are some literal risks that you could come across when going through the assessment process. The learners could have a negative view on learning and education due to previous experiences. They may have had experiences in the past that have influenced their views which could make the learning experience very hard for them, if they are negative towards learning this could make it hard for the other learners in the group. It could make study days hard if there is a negative attitude within the group setting, which could have an effect on the learning experience of others. The learners could have many different issues that could affect their assessment process, they could have personal issues that could create difficulties throughout the assessment process, and they could become ill and struggle to attend heir placements/settings. The learners could have an additional learning which could affect the work they produce or their understanding of the work that is being taught, this could then frustrate the learner with could result in the learner feeling they no longer want to continue with the course. As a tutor/assessor you have to have a good knowledge of all the learners within your groups so you can ensure that you are providing them with the support they need to complete the course effectively and on time. To enable you to do this you need to take the time to gain a knowledge and understanding of what level the learner is working at with regards to their functional/key skills, if they have any previous experience of the course subject that they are doing and what they want to achieve by doing the course. Ensure you read all the information gained by the training account manager is vital to the assessment process. When going through the assessment process you need to ensure that the learners have a relationship with you as a tutor, so they can feel comfortable speaking to you. They need to know that they can contact you for support and advice. By ensuring this you are improving the chances of the learners informing you if they are struggling with any work or if they have issues that may affect them completing their work or attending study days. Each learner has a tracker which help the tutor/assessor to keep track of the student’s progress, to ensure that the risks of complications and problems with the assessment process tutors need to be ensuring that they implement action plans for the learners as soon as they become behind on any of their work. This with allow the learner to have a clear picture of what is missing and expected of them to catch up with their work. It also enables the learner to see that you are aware of the work that is needed and how they are going to complete it to enable them to catch up. Planning throughout the assessment process is vital to ensuring that the learners achieve the goals that are set for them and to ensure that they know exactly what is expected of them in order to gain their qualification. Tutors/assessors need to ensure that they keep up to date with their plans and if anything on their original plan needs to be adjusted it is immediately, to reduce the risk of leaners becoming behind and struggling with any of their work. Ensuring that work that is handed in is marked and feedback is given as soon as possible is very important throughout the assessment process so the learners know how they are doing. They can see their progress which could potentially increase their confidence and self-esteem which could encourage them to work harder throughout their course.

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