Tuesday, October 15, 2019

PMI Certification Essay Example for Free

PMI Certification Essay PMI (2008) certification is quite renowned and if one posses the certification they are usually believed to depict higher degree of professionalism and project management techniques to get across their expertise for the projects to initiate and supervise the project management activities. The question which we are faced is whether a certified PMI individual without any prior working experience in IT project team can be hired successfully or not. The answer to it can be judged with the following reasons: A certificate provides one with enough knowledge to learn the project management activities and appropriate decision making tasks, however it cannot teach one to understand how to avoid those difficulties and complexities in the first place. The decision making abilities can never be learned in theory unless one is exposed to the real scenarios for understanding the very nature of the complexities that can develop with time. Real time experience exposes one to the various unmeasured complexities that can arise which must be solved with proper human skills that cannot be taught in books and texts. The various factors and the dynamic variables which envelopes a project can be better understood if one is open to the social, economic and political elements affecting a project. Often setting costs and budgets are influenced with the economic decisions of the state and influenced with international stock and exchange rates which must be studied accordingly and are never taught in texts. The exceptional situations in the projects like people management, client management are some traits which are learned over time and one is able to judge it with personal ethics which no certification can master. Taking the above suggestions in mind, I would not go forward in hiring the individual with no IT project team expertise and with a PMI certificate. References / Bibliography PMI.org (2008). Retrieved 14, January 2008 from http://www.pmi.org/CareerDevelopment/Pages/Our-Credentials.aspx

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