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Birth Control in the USA Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Birth Control in the USA - Essay Example A recent study has proved that 42% of teenage girls living in urban society involved in sex before they reach 15 and 26% of them having sex at the age of 14 (Guttmacher Institute, 2012). The statics reveals that it would be beneficial if the young girls get the access to protective contraceptives and condoms. Elders believe that young school going students must not found involved in sex and therefore, birth control pills are not something for them (Eichner 129). According to them, if the teenage girls get the easy access to condoms or contraceptives, there is a likelihood that the trend might get reach to the peak as it will surely encourage them to have sex whether safe or not. No matter what people think, the sad part is that teenagers are not going to stop the sex activities and therefore, it would be ideal to accept the reality and allow them to have protective sex in order to counter the harsh consequence in term of pregnancy. Many hospitals and doctors have the rule of parent’s permissible note from the teenage group girls so that they can prescribe the pills. However, there are some clinics that offer birth control pills or condom with family insurance without the note to young teenage girls of age 15 and above without seeing their parents. Family insurance helps when the girl using condom or pill accidentally gets pregnant. So, the discussion is very clear that if a teenage girl wants to involve in sexual activities, she has complete right to have the access to the preventive material so that she can avoid unwanted pregnancy. It is also good for the society where a new addition is not needed for the time being from a young girl or the school going teenage girl faces a dropout.  

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