Friday, August 9, 2019

Business decision making cast study Case Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words

Business decision making cast - Case Study Example ) What are the Country Based Competitive Advantages & Disadvantages? (Be as specific as possible in terms of the context of the company / case being discussed. – Please use the PowerPoint’s from the class notes for some additional guidelines.) Market & Customers – Customers are affluent, highly health-conscious, and fiercely loyal. There is an increased demand for locally produced products as a result of Slow Food movement and 100-Mile Diet. However, the customers have minimum bargaining power because the foreign cheeses, the main rivals, are of high cost. Buyer & Supplier – the company is heavily dependent on suppliers for the supply of milk, giving them more bargaining power. In addition, the company has the tendency to buy local, which gives suppliers more power. Government quota agreements also increase supplier power. What external Macro Environment factors impact this business? (Using the SPITE Analysis, Be as specific as possible in terms of the context of the company / case being discussed. – Please use the Week 2 PowerPoint’s for some additional guidelines.) Staffing & Leadership perspective- Klahsen is a mother and already has a busy life managing both business and family. In addition, she is planning to retire in 10-15 years. However, the company pays fair wages, making its staff loyal. Moreover, the company has developed good brand name, which makes it easy to attract employees but Klahsen’s age and lack of time will be a constraint. What does the financial analysis reveal? (This section will require students to actually look at the financial information and in most cases, make a few calculations based on the â€Å"5 Groups of Financial Models† we discussed in discussed in class. When financial information is not specifically available students should be able to speculate some written descriptions instead of financial calculations.) Profitability – though there was an

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