Tuesday, August 27, 2019

Persuasive writing Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words - 1

Persuasive writing - Essay Example This would give the victim the right to live a life of dignity and the freedom (End the total abortion ban in Nicaragua, 2010; Feldman, 1998). Rape leaves a lasting impact on the mind of women due to the agonizing physical and mental turmoil that she undergoes during the event. She requires a strong support and the right counseling to help her come out of the situation. Apart from the counseling it is extremely essential to check the women medically for veneral disease and pregnancy. If there is no conception the women should be given suitable medication to prevent fertilization. However, in case of a pregnancy the women should be given a moral right to decide whether she wishes to continue the pregnancy. Experts have suggested many reasons for supporting this right such as rape is a violation of the women’s right and dignity, it is enforced on the women and not conjugal, and the women cannot be held responsible for the act. Despite the overall consensus that it is morally incorrect to kill innocent people and that a fetus is innocent which has not committed any crime, many people believe that abortion is completely a private matter which should be left to the discretion of the mother. In cases of pregnancy due to rape this right of the mother is further justified. This is because women of all ages could be subjected to rape. In most of the cases, young girls are targeted and when they become pregnant later on it is almost impossible for them to bear and support the child at that young age (De Bruyn, 2002). In addition there are several health related complications associated with pregnancy at such a young age both for the mother and the child. The child could be born with a low-weight and the mother could suffer from various complications during the delivery. In addition to the turmoil due to the rape, carrying the child of a man who committed the brutal crime

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