Sunday, September 15, 2019

Building a Field House Essay

Thank you for taking the time to read this letter. My name is Sinclair Cunningham and I am entering my sophomore year at Kishwaukee College. We have met several times before, as I am a member of our women’s basketball team. You were a part of my official visit to Kishwaukee and I have also seen you at several athletic events and banquets, supporting not only my team, but also our department. I am very grateful for all of your support. I am writing to you to share my idea and proposal for building a new athletic field house at Kishwaukee College. The current gym situation is very nice but does not meet the needs of our growing department. We are also very limited for space, and our locker rooms are falling apart. Building a field house would allow for Kishwaukee to improve on many areas include storage, facility, time management, and recruitment. It would also benefit the school by allowing teams to host tournaments and fundraisers and may help raise money for the building. I would like to be able to propose funding for our project and begin a formal process with you and the board. I know you are very busy but I would be honored to sit down and discuss the potential pros and cons to the project and gain some of your ideas. I know there are some obstacles to the project, and I would like to meet with you and tackle them together. I would like to begin raising money by early fall and will have a completed formal proposal to you before the August board meeting. I know how much you support the athletic department and all of our student-athletes. I believe with your help we can build this new facility which will benefit the school in many different ways. It will help with enrollment of future student-athletes, attract more NCAA schools on campus, and can also raise money for the school by hosting various sporting events. It will be a beautiful facility which other schools will want to be a part of and will respect Kishwaukee for. I appreciate your time and am looking forward to sitting down with you in the next two weeks to discuss the different areas of this new idea as I begin this proposal. Like I said, I will have a formal proposal for you to take to the board for your August meeting and hope to begin the funding and the project in the early fall. I look forward to meeting with you soon.

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