Thursday, September 26, 2019

Case study Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words - 75

Case Study Example This a big problem because when such data is shared and introduced over a network it usually becomes easy for an attacker to gain delicate information like credit and debit card numbers, passwords that is previously stored in our operating systems. Another issue that comes is that the operating systems provided by Windows do not supply dependable firewalls to prevent the hacking of our operating systems. And another problem is the security policies provided by the Windows operating systems. The security standards that are already provided are not good and the safety policy settings and the password schemes are not strong and are quite vulnerable. The data encryption by the Windows operating systems is also not good and is quite feeble and also there are no tough encryption schemes or standards in place. (Gibson, 2011) These issues and problems can become a problem for us as the information of our company, the company’s employees and the company’s customers are at a risk and if any information is leaked than it might become a problem for us and disrepute our company. I have a got a few good ideas that can make the company overcome these issues and problems with ease. Windows has already faced such problems in the past and has up graded there latest operating systems overcoming these problems and issues. There latest server version Windows Server 2008 RC2 includes many solutions for such problems. These solutions and upgrades are very impressive and I have already tested them with my own self and believe that the company should also upgrades it’s operating systems and servers in to this current operating thus making the company’s, it’s clients and its employees important data to be secure. The upgrades in the server include the Server Manager for managing security components. This upgrade provides help for managing, installing and configuring server roles and the features that are

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