Friday, September 13, 2019

Master in Finance Admissions Essays Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Master in Finance Admissions Essays - Essay Example In the Department of Corporate Research at Unilever, I grasped how research projects are chosen and financed based on customer preferences. I also understood the importance of saving time & money while doing research. During my research assistantship at IIT Bombay, I worked on the optimization of chemical processes involved in the death of cancer cells triggered by intravenous delivery current platinum-based drugs. At IIT Bombay (IITB), I was exposed to various technological & social issues. My internships and studies at Unilever, University of Oklahoma, IITB, and the University of Cambridge, provided me opportunities to interact with people from diverse cultures. This immensely broadened my vision and knowledge base and enabled me to incorporate different perspectives and viewpoints. I have always been fascinated to work in interdisciplinary work environments, like the one at Unilever, because it draws in combined knowledge of experts from various fields, thus giving valuable experience of collaborating with various teams. I believe that MPhil in Finance offers an opportunity to combine finance and economics with mathematics and help me develop a strong background for a career integrating chemical engineering and finance. I plan to work in a field that would integrate chemical engineering and finance, and help promote industry growth in high-technology-related areas. The lectures by experts a t IIT Bombay, especially by Dr. Muhammad Yunus have helped me become aware of the issues that often affect society. I have been motivated to do something for solving the problem of malnutrition and growing environmental pollution in developing countries, like my own, by helping develop investment instruments to hedge against risks. This would facilitate the growth of new industries using funds drawn from international capital markets. This includes the manufacturing of nutritional foods with longer shelf lives, at the lowest possible costs, and making the foods available at affordable prices, while manufacturing those products using energy-efficient and cost-effective technologies.

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