Friday, September 27, 2019

Value based purchasing Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Value based purchasing - Essay Example This situation where we need to provoke health care employees to serve clients should change and they should voluntarily provide best care to their clients. Here, we intend to prove that, value added purchasing need to be eliminated as this destroys the commitment and voluntary assisting nature of health care employees. Logically, it is arguable that, the idea of permitting bonus to the health care employees to provide quality health care is non beneficial for the employers of health care industry. As pr (Porter)â€Å"Value based purchasing is, however, a critical external motivator in establishing a business case for why providers of care should embrace, leads, and implements the reengineering of healthcare delivery†. From a logos concept, health care professionals need to be concentrating solely on the idea of providing the best health care treatment to their clients as it is the ethical law of their duty When it comes to ethos, the focus is on the policies and statutory laws of the health care professional and industry. A health care provider, especially the nurses, by the nature of their professional law is liable to perform quality service as they work on ethics and moral standards. As per (Butt) â€Å"Historically, a primary value consideration in nursing ethics has been the determination of the focus of the nurses’ work†. On the other hand, the pathos concentrates on the emotional background, where the health care professional needs to understand the pain and suffering undergone by their clients and serve them with utmost care. The allotment of bonus to the health care professional is in real sense, blocking the development of their commitment to the job. Ultimately there is no need of a plan for quality service by health care professional as the job by its nature itself demands high quality. Today health care industry is a wide spread business, where the employers attempt to earn profit in a short cut manner. According to (Mathews)â€Å"Hospitals are

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