Sunday, September 8, 2019

Feminist Korean Art Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words

Feminist Korean Art - Essay Example Though the vivid background is alive with color and texture, the majority of the painting is made up of Kyeong-Ja’s nude woman. The woman is serene and ethereal to the tune of only existing in one’s imagination or in a dream. The next work to be discussed is by another of Korea’s key feminist artists who aided in the rise of the feminist genre of Korean art. Djin Suk Kim worked with more earth tones than Kyeong-Ja but still delivers a similar tone in her pieces. An example of her elemental and organic trademark is a piece entitled Lover. This particular piece is centered on a dark and formless female figure who is hiding her face which gives the feeling of lack of autonomy, unlike the piece discussed earlier by Kyeong-Ja. The backdrop of Lover is characterized Lastly, the piece entitled Self Portrait by Na Hye-Seok. Seok’s portrait is haunting and melancholy. Unlike the other two pieces discussed previously, this work is completely centered on the image of self that the artist has crafted.   The backdrop is a dark and almost empty abyss while the woman is mostly whips of all earth tones.   The delivery seems to intend to illustrate a deeply saddened individual.

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